Current Openings
Location: Multiple Countries
Location: Sweden
Location: Umeå, Sweden


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Location: Berlin, Germany
Location: Hamburg ODER München, Germany
Location: Berlin, Germany
Location: Leipzig, Germany


Location: Oslo, Norway


Location: Sweden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

In our view, everyone at Mynewsdesk is a star. No, make that a superstar. From the original founders to the latest recruits, each team member brings with him or her special talents. Our aim is to create an environment where you can grow, develop, have fun and, well, just be yourself in an international enviroment.

We do not try to clone people into a personality type. You see, at Mynewsdesk we need a mix of talents and personalities – everything from social media and PR experts to those who excel at customer service, sales, web programming and finance.

What else is there? Well, we have grown organically from 12 people in 2007 to over a hundred people in 2012. Our journey has just begun.

We are on a mission to change the way people work with PR - we already have 25 000 companies that love our product... but we are far from happy with that! Join us now and together we will conquer the world.